USA Football
Weather Policy

Thunder or lightning seek shelter Immediately.
If you hear thunder or see lightning, you can be struck by lightning.
Go to a safe Shelter immediately or move to a sturdy building or hardtop automobile. Do not take shelter in small sheds, dugouts, under a tree or in convertible cars.
Stay away from water, water fountains, metal bleachers, metal pipe and chain link fences.
It’s considered safe to return to field 30 minutes after the last sound of Thunder or sight of lightning.

Heat index of 99 degrees or above: postpone activity until index drops under 99 degrees. This will be communicated by league officials.
Heat Index 95-99 degrees: No helmets or shoulder pads, mandatory water breaks every 15 minutes and 5 minutes in duration.
League officials will decide if games/practices will be postponed, cancelled for every team regardless of your location. Coaches do not have the authority to decide on their own what the heat index is or to disregard league decision.
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