USA Football
Rookie Tackle 2021
Posted Mar 11, 2018

KFL has adopted a Football Division which is grade based and age protected. Kids will be placed in the division based on their 2021-22 grade level. Ages 5 to 8 will be eligible to play Flag no matter what grade level. Players in Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade are eligible to play Rookie Tackle. Kids in 2nd to 6th grade will be eligible for the tackle division. Based on the number of kids registered in each grade, KFL will choose the divisions, grade groupings, and weight limits for skilled positions (RB, QB, TE, WR, LB, S, CB). Age cutoffs for football are based on age as of 12/31.

  • Limited to ONLY the first 48 Players
  • 4 Teams
  • 12 Players per team
  • Field Size 60X35
  • 8 v 8

Through USA Football, NFL Heads Up, and KFL Tackle players receive:

  • NFL team-branded uniforms and helmets (KFL owns all uniforms and helmets unless parents decide to purchase their own helmet
  • Shoulder pads, padded pants, and one mouth guard (KFL owns all shoulder pads and padded pants unless parents decide to purchase their own)
  • USA Football player membership
  • Player's Insurance Coverage
  • Every player will start and play one side of the ball both halves

KFL Combine and Draft

Each child will participate in the KFL Combine within their playing division for evaluations by coaches (except for Flag). Kids will go through a series of drills similar to the NFL Combine. KFL will then conduct a draft for each team. For players that miss sign ups and the evaluation, they will be placed on a team based on the draft order that was established.

Playing Time

Every child will at least start and play the entire game on offense or defense no matter what age group. It is KFL's goal to play kids on both offense and defense. It will be the coach's responsibility to place players in positions that best benefit the team not where the player or parent wants their child to play. Our goal, over playing time, is to teach responsibility, accountability, competitiveness, "out of control" good sportsmanship, playing to and above one's own ability, and to never give up.

Players can be denied playing time for multiple unexcused absences from practices, disciplinary reasons on and off the field, and poor behavior by parents. Coaches will work with KFL Board Members about kids receiving less playing time.


In addition to the fun of coaching, all coaches of KFL Tackle receive:

  • Free on-line coaching tools
  • Coaching insurance eligibility
  • Coaching education that is age based on USA Football and NFL Heads Up Player Progression Development Model
  • Team web pages
  • Equipment for their team
  • Character Development Curriculums
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