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KFL has teamed up with the National Football League to bring flag football to the area. The country's most recognizable youth flag football program, NFL FLAG is played in more than 1,000 leagues across the United States. KFL will utilize NFL Flag for kids ages 5 to 8 (or Kindergarten through 2nd grade), in one division.

KFL Combine and Draft

Each child will participate in the KFL Combine within their playing division for evaluations by coaches. Kids will go through a series of drills similar to the NFL Combine. KFL will then conduct a draft for each team. Players who miss sign-ups and evaluations will be placed on a team based on the draft order that was established. Due to the opening of Rookie Tackle, all 2018 Flag Teams will be redrafted.

Flag Reorganization: There will be a total redraft except for existing assistant coaches. Up to two existing assistant coaches can move to the same team with their former head coach who is still a head coach in Flag. The head coach will decide who the two will be if there are more than two assistants. If head coaches want to kids from the former teams they will need to draft them and cannot make any promises that this will occur. For new assistant coaches, head coaches will need to draft the assistant coach's son. The draft will be sorted by age group and each team will have the same amount of kids in each age group (at least as close as possible) to strive for as much parity as possible. For example, the 8 year olds will be drafted first, then the 7 year olds, 6 year olds, and finally the 5 year olds. KFL will hold a combine for flag but will not provide the compiled ratings for the draft. Each head coach will need to rate and keep track of their own ratings. KFL will let head coaches know who were all-stars the year before. The first year of KFL we had one division of flag of 5 to 8 year olds and are returning this format due to the launch of Rookie Tackle for 1st and 2nd graders. For any questions, please contact the KFL Flag Commissioner, Isaac Coffey @ 270-292-8711 or .


NFL Flag Rule Book

KFL 2019 Flag Rules

Through the KFL, NFL Flag players receive:

  • · NFL team-branded jerseys (kids keep them)
  • · NFL FLAG football belts
  • · USA Football player membership
  • · Player's Insurance Coverage
  • · Every player will run/touch the ball at least once per game

NFL FLAG powered by USA Football is also part of NFL PLAY 60, the league's youth health and fitness campaign. The program promotes physical fitness by getting kids active for 60 minutes a day.

In addition to the fun of coaching, all coaches of NFL FLAG receive:

  • · Free coaching tools
  • · Coaching insurance eligibility
  • · Coaching education
  • · Team web pages
  • · Equipment for their team

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