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About KFL Cheer

Cheerleading is a huge part of sporting events at all levels of play. Cheerleaders provide athletes with encouragement and fans with entertainment; they take the sporting experience to another level!

KFL Cheer is a team-centered, self-esteem building program for girls in K-6th grades. In addition to learning the basics of cheerleading, KFL squads will practice creative cheers, chants and basic routines throughout the season, all while providing excitement and energy on the field during games!

KFL Cheer Basics

  • Participation in KFL Cheerleading provides girls with the opportunity to learn sportsmanship and perform in an organized, safety-oriented environment.
  • All cheers learned will be used to encourage; no negative cheers are permitted.
  • Each girl will have the opportunity to lead her squad in chants/cheers.
  • All cheerleading squads will wear identical uniforms. They will be issued at the beginning of the season and turned back in at the end of the season.
  • Squads will be divided as equally as possible; sisters who have brothers playing tackle football will cheer for their brothers' team whenever possible.

Game Day

  • Cheerleaders will cheer for tackle teams; most tackle games are held on Saturdays.
  • Cheerleaders should arrive at the field prior to game time to warm up and stretch before cheering.
  • Cheerleaders will be introduced during halftime and will perform the KFL Cheer at center field.

Team Moms

  • The team mom is an essential role for the squad. Each squad must have a team mom in order to exist.
  • The team mom is responsible for communication with parents and discipline of the girls at practice and on game day.
  • Team moms schedule practice dates, times and locations. They help with the distribution of uniforms, the participation in KFL Smart and KFL Character programs, and the coordination of squad activities.
  • Team moms also provide organization for practices and help the coach explain cheer concepts to the girls. Team moms are on the field with the girls at games and may fill in for the coach if the coach cannot attend.
  • Team moms bond with the girls on their squad and provide guidance and direction for them.
  • If you are interested in serving as a team mom, please contact us.


  • Coaches are also a critical part of the KFL Cheer experience.
  • Coaches have the opportunity to mentor young girls while teaching them the sport of cheerleading. KFL cheerleaders really look up to their coaches.
  • Coaches are asked to attend one practice session and one game per week (most games take place on Saturdays).
  • At practice, coaches will lead the girls in stretching/warm-ups, teach/review the fundamentals of cheer, and teach/review chants, cheers and stunts to be used on game day.
  • At games, coaches are asked to prompt the girls to lead fans in chants and entertain them with their cheers.
  • We prefer that coaches be high school age or older. Many of our KFL cheerleaders have big sisters who have cheer experience; they are welcome to help and/or coach their sister's squad. Co-coaches are also welcome, if two friends would like to coach a squad together.
  • We are currently looking for quality cheer coaches for this season. If you are interested in being a coach, please contact us.

KFL Cheer Competition

KFL cheer sqauds will participate in a competion at the end of the regular season.

Contact Us

If you have questions or would like to volunteer to help with KFL Cheer, please contact Krystal Dunn at or 270-993-1519.

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